Extreme bike stunt team 3SIXTY will dazzle crowds at this year’s show with the most mind boggling tricks you’ve ever seen.

The team have enthralled audiences around the world for over a decade. Team riders have broken 11 official Guinness world records ensuring that every show has an unbeatable level of skill on display.

3SIXTY founder Ian Drummond said: “3SIXTY showcase the sport of bike trials which involves riding over obstacles without any outside aids, no ramps, no suspension, our feet aren’t stuck to the pedals or anything like that, it’s all about balance and control.”

There are six riders who work all year around wherever the events are. At weekdays in schools and youth clubs, motivating pupils to take up cycling and teaching bike skills. In the summer they spend most weekends performing at village festivals and galas.

On Sunday 3 June 3SIXTY will perform four shows at 10am, 11.30am, 1pm and 4.15pm in the John England display ring.

Ian added: “We’re constantly terrified! You have to be very composed when riding, not aggressive and unsteady, we started out practising on curbs and low walls then we slowly moved on to bigger obstacles. After many hours of practice we were able to perform displays with our skills.”