Messingham Show’s survival each year is down to a small group of volunteers. We’re often asked questions about the changes being made to the Show and what’s behind these decisions. Here’s six things you need to know about some of these.

1) Who organises the Show?

Each year unpaid volunteers acting as the Show committee and show day volunteers organise and put on the Show. No one is paid and everyone gives up their time and effort free of charge.

Unfortunately, the Show committee is ageing and there are less and less members each year to set up the show. If the Show committee loses more members the show may be at risk.

Why not consider being a volunteer?

2) What does the Show do with the money it generates?

The Show is run on a not-for-profit basis. Every penny earned from the public via gate receipts, trade pitch rental, as well as donations and sponsorship, is put into paying for the Show and to act as a ‘kick start’ for the Show next time.

If we’re lucky with any surplus, it’s put into the bank to act as a wet weather contingency. Two wet shows in succession and resultant low gate receipts may put an end to the Show. No committee member or volunteer makes any financial gain from Show.

3) Who owns Holme Meadow where the Show is held?

The show ground is owned and maintained by Messingham Parish Council, who kindly allow the show to be held each year. There is no charge made by the Parish Council but the Show is responsible for making good any damage caused.

The Wednesday before the show Messingham Show have access to the show ground. Everything has to be put in place to make the show happen. Like marking out the show ground for rings and traders, laying water and electricity supplies, erecting marques, putting up safety fencing, putting in toilets and bins etc.

4) In 2018, why is there a £2 car parking charge?

Unfortunately, the field adjacent to the show ground is no longer available to the Show for public car parking, as the owner is putting in ponds. Because of this the show ground layout has been compressed to allow for limited car parking. Due to a lack of show day volunteers on our behalf, the Show will have to pay for a security company to manage the public car parking. The £2 charge will pay for the paid help.

5) Why have Horse Showing Classes and Driving Classes been cancelled?

Because of increased insurance and health and safety requirements imposed on the Show, the committee had to review and change the show ground layout. Two main reasons made this necessary; firstly the public ignoring safety signs / barriers and walking into horse restricted areas and secondly a loose horse escaping from its handler / rider.

It was not physically possible to create separate public areas from horse only areas without a new layout being implemented. To create a free-flowing open public show ground, the committee made difficult decisions based upon what could safely fit into Holme Meadow.

It was not physically possible to fit in four show rings and so reluctantly some horse classes had to be cancelled. This has since been compound by the loss of the adjacent car parking field and the need to compress the show ground layout further.

6) What does my £6 / £3 entry fee give me?

Once you have paid and entered the Show you have all day access to the show ground, to come and go as you please:Free displays and entertainment in Ring three.

  • Free viewing of British Show Jumping, Unaffiliated Show Jumping and Gymkhana Games.
  • Free entry to the grandstand throughout show day.
  • Free face painting.
  • Free clown / magician in the ‘kids zone.’
  • The knowledge that your entry fee will help put on future shows.