Birds Of Prey 228 edited

The English School of Falconry Display team will be the spectacular attraction at this year’s Show on 7 June. Falconry displays offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

This year we’ll see two twenty minute flying displays, with each one being different. You can see the amazing team in action with free flying American Bald Eagles, African Fish Eagle, Falcons, Hawks and Owls.  These are accompanied by a running commentary, providing facts about the birds, keeping it light hearted, entertaining and fun.

Public participation is encouraged in their displays and children who help in the arena will receive a small gift to remind them of their day.

The team will be on hand with a large static display of a variety of birds including different species of Owls, Hawks, Eagles and Falcons. The falconers will also be available for visitors to talk to, ask questions and for photo opportunities.