Today we are launching the first ever Messingham Show build a scare crow competition. This is an effort to mix family fun and community involvement with the Show.

The competition is calling on the families and groups in Messingham to get making all kinds of scarecrows in the run up to the Show on 3 June,

Gerrard Parkes, a resident from Messingham came up with the idea for a competition. It has already received welcome backing from the Parish Council and Messingham Primary School.

Gerrard said: “The scarecrow idea was developed from the Kettlewell Scarecrow festival – where the whole village are encouraged to enter a scarecrow making competition.

“We want the residents of Messingham to use a bit of imagination and have some family fun building scare crows. To then place them in their gardens with an arrow pointing in the direction of the Show. I hope to see scarecrows popping up all over the place and using some fantastic ideas.

“For the competition on 3 June we’ll be holding a public vote to pick the winners.”

If you fancy getting involved and building a scarecrow, please fill in the online application form and email a photo of your scarecrow to Messingham Show by 31 May. Please also check our Facebook page for regular updates.

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