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5 June: Messingham Show response to cancelling the Ruby Twirlstars

We appreciate for many years the Messingham Show and Ruby Twirlstars have enjoyed a mutually enjoyable slot in the Show schedule. This year’s equine entries exceeded those we have ever had before.

Due to the number of horses entered into the classes the Show was running 90 minutes behind schedule. We tried to move the Ruby Twirlstars into an alternative show ring, but again due to the amount of entries this was not possible.

We then made the unwelcome decision to cancel the Ruby Twirlstars performance. The Show Secretary explained this in person to the Ruby Twirlstars children and parents. We understand this was disappointing for the children as they have worked hard to prepare for their performance.

Unfortunately, due to the strong sunshine and temperatures on the show ground some horses may potentially have found themselves dehydrated and over-heated. Horses cannot regulate their body temperatures as efficiently as humans and also horses often will not drink away from home. The decision to carry on running through with the horse classes was based on their welfare.



*Photos: Baron Halpenny and Karen Tracey